Are you an author and just done with publishing your first book? Most authors, especially first-time ones, who have their work published will need access to a complete set of promotional tools.

However, book marketing is needed utmost, especially in the UK, where people love books, but with the advent of high-end technology, they can only read your book.

Suppose there will be no TV advertisements, morning show appearances, or full-page magazine ads announcing your book's release. Your publishing book will go in vain. Thus, it would help if you had an effective strategy for book marketing in UK.

Alas. The publishing house can help. But you can also aid in the same. The book review community may be interested in reading your work. Following are some tips for promoting your first book.

Tip 1: Make a brand

Developing a name for yourself as a writer is always vital, but it takes on added significance when you're getting ready to publish your first book. After that, people who could be interested in reading your work are likely to be curious about who you are.

How did you get to be where you are today? Tell me about your other accomplishments. In what kinds of literature do you typically indulge?

When you're trying to promote yourself on your own, building a rapport with potential customers is only possible if you've deliberately crafted a distinct brand identity. Manage how others see you by limiting their access to information.

Tip 2: Build a Website

Book marketing in the UK is not easy as a newly published author; you should get yourself online. It is a must have; it can't be avoided. The online presence you create for your brand is reflected on its website.

You always extend an invitation to learn more about the person in question. In the end, individuals who want to follow you or learn more about you will visit your website, which serves as your virtual residence.

Web pages can be simple enough to be effective. Meanwhile, a simple one-pager with biographical details about the author would do.

Tip 3: Set Email List

Newsletter registration forms are another great addition to any writer's website. People will only monitor your site occasionally for updates. But, of course, if they're subscribed to your list, you can send them an update by email.

This way, you may maintain connections with those who care about you. In addition, after signing up for an email marketing provider (like MailChimp or ConvertKit), you will have access to an email registration box that can be easily added to your website without needing any code.

One of the most significant ways to guarantee sales of your current and future publications is to create and manage an email list.

Tip 4: Connect with Book Marketing

Getting as many reviews as possible is crucial, especially on Amazon. The greater the number of reviews, the greater the potential audience for your book.

Find bloggers and book marketers interested in your genre and reach out to them. Encourage them (in a good, non-annoying way) to check out your book and provide marketing.

You must leave your pride at the door and be shameless while promoting your first book.

Let’s Wind Up

Guess what? You are ready to gear up your first book sales if you follow these simple tips for marketing books no matter where you live in the world.